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Bienvenue sur la page officielle de l’Office de Tourisme de Sézanne et sa Région! Sézanne, encore empreinte de son passé, offre de très jolies balades. C’est la découverte de dix siècles d’histoire : la halle, le cadran solaire, les mails ombragés, les vestiges de tours et de murailles, les ruelles médiévales...


Welcome to Sézanne, the Gateway of Champagne.

Opening hours: on Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:30. You can contact us by phone +33 0 (0)3 26 80 54 13 or by e-mail to for further information. Join us on facebook :

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A Califougeon, outdoor riding, St Hillaire sous Romilly


Do you like horses? Nature and sports in conviviality?

A Califougeon is an outdoor riding school open to all the horse lovers.

We offer both lessons and rides (lasting one hour to several days) and also a pension.

Appart from the school periods (holidays, summer and sundays), we invite you to find out the countryside for half a day or a full day on the back of our horses.

For longer periods of stay, you will be able to go beyond the borders of Aube in search of new landscapes to see.

A Califougeon also offers themed outings (cultural, gastronomy...) in order to highlight your equestrian stay.

Near from Sézanne (about 30km), you will discover the region's forests, vineyards and villages between Marne and Aube.

Guided rides (walks) are for children more than 2years old.

Lessons are for children more than 6 years old.

Rides of 1 days to 7 days: Valley of Seine, Marne Vineyards, Yonne...

Open all the year, please make an appointement for the rides.

A Califougeon
Miss Diane Corpel
2 bis rue de Fougeon
10100 St Hilaire in Romilly
Tel: 06 16 91 83 09


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The water of this fountain is well-known for curing rhumatism and kidney problems. It is also said that after drinking its water, women would (...)
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"Soirs de Fête" Concerts, Sezanne

The city of Sezanne suggests free outdoor concerts every saturday night, from Juny 21th to August 21th.